Technical Guidance on Energy Management Systems in the Banten and DKI Jakarta Province Regions</

Technical Guidance on Energy Management Systems in the Banten and DKI Jakarta Province Regions

Serpong, Banten: Progress in energy efficiency efforts is once again in the spotlight in Serpong, Banten. The Directorate of Energy Conservation, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) together with IREEM for the UK-PACT MENTARI Energy Efficiency program, has provided Technical Guidance (Bimtek) for the Implementation of Government Building Energy Management in the DKI Jakarta Province and Banten Province Areas. This technical guidance will be held from 19 to 22 September 2023 in Serpong, Banten. The aim of this technical guidance activity is to improve the ability of government building managers in DKI Jakarta Province and Banten Province to increase energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions through implementing energy management in their respective agencies.

In his remarks, the Head of the Energy Division of the Banten Province ESDM Service, Mr. Deri Dariawan, hoped that after this technical guidance, the participants would be able to apply energy management in their respective buildings. "After this technical guidance, we will submit a circular letter to the Regional Secretary, in which we will encourage each office to form an energy conservation management team and an energy saving task force in each building. This will be followed by improvements in the short, medium and long term which must all start within each of us.”

On the same occasion, the Executive Director of IREEM, Mr. Arief Yunan, said that local governments are the spearhead in implementing energy efficiency. "If we look together at the number of district governments and Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD) in Indonesia, we will see the great potential of implementing energy efficiency. "For this reason, we hope that this training can be implemented in various provinces in Indonesia," said Mr. Arief.


Energy conservation technical guidance sub-coordinator, ESDM, Mr. Eko Sudarmawan, who represented the Director of Energy Conservation and at the same time opened the series of events, highlighting the obligation to implement energy conservation in government buildings, both at the central and regional levels. Mr. Eko continued that "The government is encouraging this effort by implementing energy management and the concept of green buildings or net-zero energy building". Government Regulation No. 33 of 2023 requires all government agencies to implement energy management, so government building managers need to understand and implement the steps -energy management measures.



The number of participants who took part in the technical guidance consisted of 52 participants, 8 of whom were women (15%). In detail, the participants consisted of 18 agencies from DKI Jakarta Province, 10 agencies from Banten Province, 5 university representatives from DKI Jakarta and Banten Provinces, and 8 representatives from hospitals and health centers from DKI Jakarta Province.



During the two days of technical guidance activities, the participants were divided into two groups in different classrooms with two resource persons who provided learning activities in each class, namely Mr. Parlindungan Marpaung and Mr. Titovianto Widyantoro. On the third and fourth days, the classrooms were combined into one with two resource persons, namely Mr. Totok Sulistiyanto and Mrs. Endah Setyaningsih.



The learning materials in Bimtek are based on ISO 50005:2021, a standard that provides detailed guidance to organizations regarding energy management systems in stages, enabling them to effectively optimize energy use. In addition, in order to provide a comprehensive understanding, the training material also covers the topic of practical practices for implementing energy efficiency in buildings, which is a sustainable approach in building design and operation to reduce environmental impacts and energy efficiency which includes building envelope systems, lighting systems , air conditioning systems, electrical systems and major energy consuming equipment. Participants also received an explanation of examples of best practices in green buildings delivered by Hotel Trembesi, Serpong which has received a Gold Standard certificate from GBCI.


In this training, Mr. Primaldi from the Energy Conservation Supervision Section of KESDM guided the participants to report on their agency's energy management through Online Energy Management Reporting (POME) which is managed by the Energy Conservation Directorate. The government has made energy management reporting mandatory for significant energy users. PP 33 of 2023 concerning Energy Conservation which has just been passed has expanded the scope of energy management reporting in industry, buildings, transportation and government agencies

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