Boosting Energy Efficiency: A Technical Guide to Implementing Energy Management in Government Buildings across Central and Regional Ministries/Agencies in East Java Province</

Boosting Energy Efficiency: A Technical Guide to Implementing Energy Management in Government Buildings across Central and Regional Ministries/Agencies in East Java Province

Surabaya, East Java: In an effort to realize sustainability and energy conservation efforts, the Directorate of Energy Conservation, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) together with the Institute for Natural Resources, Energy, and Environmental Management (IREEM) for the UK-PACT MENTARI Energy Efficiency program , has provided technical guidance (bimtek) for the implementation of energy management in government buildings of Central Ministries/Agencies and the East Java Province region from 5 to 8 December 2023 in the City of Surabaya, East Java. The aim of carrying out this technical guidance activity is to improve the skills of government building managers in East Java Province so that they can increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through implementing energy management in their respective institutions.


In his remarks, the Head of the Energy Sector, ESDM Department of East Java Province, represented by Mrs. Ertika Dinawati, said that the East Java Provincial Government was committed to accelerating and fully supporting the energy transition through increasing the use of new and renewable energy, implementing energy conservation, and using electrical energy. in the transportation sector, and utilization of gas networks for industry and households. Mrs. Ertika then said that: "In the context of efficiency and energy savings, the East Java Provincial Government has issued several policy regulations including: Governor Regulation No. 54 of 2012 concerning Saving Electricity Use in the Regional Government of East Java Province, East Java Province Regional Regulation No. 6 of 2019 concerning the General Regional Energy Plan for East Java Province for 2019 to 2050, Instruction of the Governor of East Java Number 1/Inst/013/2023 concerning the use of solar power plants in buildings or structures within the East Java Provincial Government."


On the same occasion, the IREEM Program Manager, Mr. Unggung Widhiantoro, explained that this technical guidance was the fifth event where similar guidance had previously been carried out in the cities of Yogyakarta, Bandung, Palembang and South Tangerang with a total of 218 government staff from 170 government institutions/participants. institutions and local government. "We really hope that the technical guidance participants can continue to take part in energy manager training and certification as well as technical assistance in implementing energy management which will provide significant added value to their respective workplace agencies." said Mr Unggung.


Energy Conservation Energy Conservation Technical Guidance Sub-Coordinator, Mr. Eko Sudarmawan, who gave his welcome on behalf of the Director of Energy Conservation and at the same time opened the series of events, emphasized the obligation to implement energy conservation in government buildings, both at the central and regional levels. Mr Eko continued that PP no. 33 of 2023 requires all government agencies to implement energy management, so government building managers need to understand and implement energy management measures.


The number of participants who took part in technical guidance consisted of 47 participants, 8 of whom were women (17%). In detail, the participants consisted of 11 Ministries/Institutions, 8 Regional Apparatus of East Java Province, 1 Regional Apparatus of Maluku Province, 6 Regency/City Apparatus of East Java Province, 4 representatives of hospitals in East Java Province. This technical guidance includes material related to practical guidance on increasing energy efficiency in buildings and ISO 50005:2021 material which is a guide to managing energy management systems in stages. In the training the participants also practiced calculating Energy Consumption Intensity (IKE). The training material also covers the application of energy efficiency in buildings, including sustainable approaches in building design and operations. The focus is on reducing environmental impact and energy efficiency through building envelope systems, lighting, air conditioning, electricity and major energy consuming equipment.


 In this series of technical guidance, participants from each Ministry/Central Agency and Provincial Regional Apparatus are actively involved in energy management reporting using the Energy Management Online Reporting (POME) application managed by the Energy Conservation Directorate. This is in line with the government's commitment to increasing energy efficiency, which is realized through energy management reporting provisions for significant energy users in accordance with PP No. 33 of 2023 concerning Energy Conservation which was recently passed. This regulation expands the scope of energy management reporting not only to the industrial sector, but also to buildings, transportation and government agencies.

There were four speakers who took part in this training, including: Mr. Parlindungan Marpaung (Energy Conservation Expert), Mr. Titovianto Widyantoro (Energy Conservation and Energy Management Systems Expert), Mr. Totok Sulistiyanto (Energy Conservation and Green Building Expert), and Mrs. Rahmi Andarini (Energy Conservation Expert).

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