Creating a Workplace Culture that Honors GESI:</

Creating a Workplace Culture that Honors GESI:

Jakarta – On February 12 2024, IREEM held internal training entitled "Introduction to GESI". This course is intended to make sure that all project activities—including those related to gender equality—benefit social and environmental protection as well as climate initiatives.

In response to a query about Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, or GESI, Mrs. Anny Andaryati, a GESI Expert, stated: "GESI is an approach that aims to ensure that everyone has equal access to resources, opportunities, and benefits in all aspects of life, regardless of gender, background, or identity. Not only is gender equality at stake, but social inclusion for all people—including those who are frequently ignored or excluded in society—is also at stake in this struggle."

Staff from IREEM's project management team participated in this GESI training for the MENTARI Energy Efficiency Program, which is funded by UK-PACT (Partnering for Accelerated Climate Transition). Participants in the workshop were encouraged to learn about the GESI idea, comprehend the demands and obstacles associated with social inclusion and gender equality, and investigate workable solutions for implementing GESI principles in a variety of contexts.

GESI and energy are closely related to fair and equal access to energy, as demonstrated by the MENTARI Energy Efficiency project, which is funded by UK-PACT. Gender equality and social inclusion are significantly impacted by equitable access to energy, in addition to everyday living. This demonstrates the need of guaranteeing that women, children, and underprivileged groups may benefit from clean, inexpensive, and sustainable energy.

The GESI Introductory Training serves as a crucial basis for IREEM's efforts to create an inclusive workplace culture. We can foster a more inclusive, varied, and equality-focused workplace by putting GESI concepts into practice, which will eventually boost output and creativity.

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